Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard makes every touch a Midas touch!

You surely have heard of having the world at your feet, but what do you have to say about having gold at your fingertips? It could have been an insane thought to have a lot of bling at your fingertips but now you can type your dream for real. Check out the Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard coated with 100% pure gold leaf by Wazakura Studios. It’s so stunning you won’t be able to get your eyes off it, typing an e-mail is a far cry. But if you manage that, then there is nothing like it. This fully functional keyboard features a base that adjusts for height and two USB ports, plus right, left, and center options for the connector cable.

While gold leaf has a long artisan tradition in Japan, the craftsmen behind this glittering computer accessory have updated their technique for the rigueur of daily use. So the thought of the gold vanishing can well be erased. And now be ready to erase $359.00 from your account.

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