Kobalt 53 inch sound system has a fridge!

The integration of multiple gadgets into one humongous mass of technology is the thing that’s in vogue among manufacturers. In the same nerve, we come across the Kobalt 53-inch Tool Chest w/Pioneer Sound System and Integrated Fridge. It has a LED lighting system and a four plug strip for connectivity. You can also dock your iPod into the system and enjoy the great sound of a Pioneer sound system. The entire setup weighs a mammoth 4000 pounds and can take up a lot of places as well. If you still aren’t impressed by all that’s mentioned then how about an included 1.6 cubic foot refrigerator to raise some eyebrows. You can now enjoy your music uninterrupted by the liquor pangs that bother you all the time.

The Kobalt 53-inch Tool Chest w/Pioneer Sound System costs $1,600. The LEDs really look cool.

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