Koss Pro4AAA Titanium Headphones

The Koss Pro4AAA Titanium Headphones is a swank deal for sure. They are designed especially for a broadcast professional. These headphones have a titanium coating on “2 mil mylar diaphrams for a frequency response of 10-25,000 Hz.” Whoa! They really are good. These are not semi-open but closed headphones which means they block sound coming from outside. They are not completely sound-blocking. Thank god for that for if you could not hear anything coming from the outside, including your boss, it could cost you your job. But they can guarentee you enough tranquility to work comfortably without grouching. Its has a good fit and don’t worry about the aches.

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It is available for $149 with a lifetime warranty. Now this isn’t a genie so don’t ask for more and if you wanna make the most of it buy them soon.