LaCie unveils the 1TB Sphere, a classy and polished hard drive for the minimalist being

Memory is something everyone perpetually runs out of in the computing world. With the overflow of data oozing out of the internet, it isn’t really uncommon to fall short of hard-drive space, which is exactly why external hard-drives were created! Now while most hard-drives are unbashful blocks of plastic, metal and technology, we’ve spotted an external drive that’s eye-catching, looks right out of a sci-fi movie, and works exceptionally well at keeping your data safe and sound. Called the LaCie Sphere, this new hard drive by LaCie is designed by French silversmith Christofle and is probably one of the most luxurious and well-crafted computer peripherals we’ve spotted lately.

The 1TB LaCie Sphere is plated in silver and has been polished to perfection, sporting a glint that’ll leave you awe-struck. A single USB 3.0 cable connects and powers the hard drive while a blue LED on its base lights up every time this LaCie is hooked in. all in all, this hard-drive is a sure looker and works great as a desktop accessory too, complimenting your minimalist workspace unlike any other peripheral available off store shelves. All this comes at a not-so-hefty price tag of $490, a sum that you wouldn’t mind spending for a dash of elegance! The LaCie Sphere will hit stores within the first quarter of 2014.