Lacoste and Polaroid unveil a limited-edition camera that looks like a quirky crocodile

In a list of very unlikely collaborations, we have Lacoste and Polaroid come together for a special edition camera that looks every bit cool and quirky. Designed to ape a mini crocodile, the accessory in talks is a Polaroid 600 instant film camera presented in a green and red colorway.

It features a cute boxy robot head and is unlike any other of its kind. It is restored and restyled by Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based retro-tech refurbishment specialist Retrospekt and presents a unique take on the classic Polaroid 600.

The camera’s official product description reads: “Fruit of the Lacoste and Polaroid merger, the Polaroid 600 is a genuine piece of vintage retro-tech…Thanks to its built-in flash with manual control, get an additional light source when you need it. The Polaroid 600 is sold with a strap and a single pack of 600 color film.”

In addition to the limited-edition gadget, the marquees have also produced a crocodile-themed clothing line complete with shirts, sneakers, hoodies, hats, pants, and accessories, including caps, watches, backpacks, and more. It is inspired by the legendary, high-color, and cultural heritage of Polaroid and the fresh and basic sensibilities of Lacoste.

The central feature of the collaboration is the Lacoste x Polaroid Kit Polaroid 600 camera retails for $150 and is currently available for purchase online. The clothing collection, too, is available on the Lacoste website.

[Via: Stuff]