Lagotek allows iPhone and iPod Touch to control your home automation system

At the impending CES, we can look forward to loads of gadgets and many of them being the first of their kind. One of them being the Lagotek HIP Modes. It is the first technology that enables the use of iPhone and iPod touch for home control over WiFi and GPRS/EDGE. It is based on SideShow, a Microsoft technology that is usually used on laptops to have access to emails and messages when the computer is in sleep mode. They are user-created macrostates of the Home. By choosing the specific Mode on the iPod touch, the homeowner, with the Lagotek HIP home automation system installed, can control lights, temperature, music, audio/video devices, and the security system with one touch.

Lagotek CEO Eugene Luskin stated, “This is probably the highest concentration of coolness in one device with Vista Sideshow on iPod doing home automation over WiFi. Our friends at Ikanos Consulting are amazing and, working together, we can achieve in weeks what Microsoft and Apple would never be able to bring to the market. I am very excited about this important step in making Lagotek’s vision of ‘Automation in every home from any device and from anywhere’ closer to reality. This is a perfect complementary solution for our cell phone home control application.” To know more in detail you can read here.