Laser Turntable price-tag slashed down

Have you heard “No Woman, No Cry”, a famous reggae by Bob Marley? No? Then hear it on Laser Turntable that too states something similar – ‘No Needle No Wear’! This Laser Turntable is perfect for record collectors, archivists, and vinyl enthusiasts alike. Last year, ELP Corporation has presented the Laser Turntable to American audiences but at an exorbitant price. Guess it (read price) didn’t get them sufficient sales. Just recently the leading Japanese audiophile innovator has slashed down the rates from $15,000 to $10,000. This technological marvel plays vinyl records with master tape sound quality and no wear. The high-end turntable systems that cost about $90,000 also inflict some damage to your records by the needle, but this risk can only be avoided by using our unique laser technology and much reasonably priced….comparatively.

Calling out to all those who have been saving their precious LPs, EPs, 45’s, and 12-inch singles, you can now think of owning this marvelous technology at a ‘lesser’ price.

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