LED candle – Magical minimalism !

Talk about modern minimalism. And if you are not aware of it then let us introduce the Japanese Magic Candle by Hono. Now this is a candle that looks like anything but one. It has no flame but still illuminates. It doesn’t even melt. What more, it looks really well-designed and neat. The stylish LED candle is lit with the bundled magic match. You can actually blow out this candle like any normal one. The candle is 270mm tall and has a 16mm diameter. This Japanese creation is a one-of-a-kind mood enlightening apparatus which is classy and shiny too. It comes with a match, stand, holder and battery charger.

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The best part about this candle is touch the electrical candle with the magic match and it’s on! Now magic isn’t for free and so this candle costs $159.99.