Leica à la carte helps to customize your camera to suit your taste

An à la carte menu on a restaurant basically lets you personalize your meals the way you like it. But what if you could personalize your camera just that easily? Well its true, after presenting to the world some exclusive camera versions, Leica is out with the Leica à la carte program. Effective on the Leica M7 or MP rangefinder cameras you can select options that can suite your style of gadgets that suite your photographic interests too. Offering more than 4,000 variations in designs and features, you can pick cameras that can combine technical option like layout and controls with a design with is your signature style and easy to work around with. You cal also pick the color, leather finish and etch an engraving on the camera’s body. Staring from $4,995, you can order or the custom created Leica M à la carte camera models from selected Leica dealers. Click here for details.

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Thanks Julia Covelli