Leica’s new flagship S3 medium format camera features a massive 64-megapixel sensor and shoots full 4K video

Without a doubt, the year 2018 has been all about mirrorless cameras with most of the players in the industry shifting its focus away from DSLRs. However, Leica didn’t disappoint the those who strongly believe that the traditional mirror, prism, and reflex set-up in a camera is still the best. For the traditionalists, Leica introduced the newest flagship S3 medium format DSLR at the recent Photokina photo fair in Germany. The latest medium format monster is a direct successor to the Leica S Type 007 and comes equipped with Leica’s massive 64-megapixel ProFormat sensor. The CMOS sensor features improved dynamic range, superior high ISO performance, a new color filter array for better color reproduction, and lower power consumption. Despite the massive sensor, the S3 is still quick with 3 frames per second shooting rate. For those who want to capture videos, the Leica S3 can capture 4K cinema resolution footage and full HD using the entire width of the medium format sensor.

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In terms of aesthetics and build, the new Leica S3 looks and feels identical to its predecessor and is extremely ergonomically designed for ease of use. The magnesium alloy frame of the camera is surrounded by a matching black natural rubber to make it easy to grip. The S3 features a massive optical viewfinder that is augmented by a large LCD display. The Leica S3 will be available in the spring of 2019 and the price is yet to be announced.

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