Leica’s S Typ 007 DSLR comes packed with GPS and iOS connectivity for just under $20,000

When camera experts Leica decide to launch a new camera, they go all out in terms of features and functionality, depending on the segment. Their newly announced Leica S Typ 007 could very well be considered the ‘James Bond’ of professional SLRs as it comes loaded to the hilt with all kinds of goodies.

2-Leica S Typ 007 DSLR
To start off with, it features the new MAX CMOS (30 by 45 mm) image sensor that’s actually more than 50% larger than that of a 35 mm camera. The new Maestro II processor not only boosts overall image quality but also provides for higher speed (3.5 fps). Video recording goes above Full HD up to 4K. The Typ 007 also comes with a new revised predictive autofocus system that enables more stability while shooting. It’s a rather ‘smart’ system that has the capability to identify the movement of your subject and then calculate just how far your subject will have moved at the moment of exposure; focus corrections are then applied in the last fraction of a second to help provide the best possible outcome for the shot.
3-Leica S Typ 007 DSLR
The compact design of the Typ 007 looks like it will make for a very portable solution and according to Leica, the design has been created to be as ergonomic as possible while still remaining robust and resilient to various environmental issues like dust and moisture. The body is a diecast magnesium chassis that is built to be tough and the well positioned and sized display comes with a 3 inch scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass which is most certainly a bonus. The bayonet has also been machined from solid stainless steel to ensure longevity and sturdiness.
5-Leica S Typ 007 DSLR
And the features don’t quite end there, additional features include GPS for geotagging photos and iOS remote connectivity that lets you use your iPhone or iPad not just as a remote viewfinder but also gives you the added functionality of controlling settings, focus and zoom. The 5 meter Lemo active USB 3.0 cable (extra) will let you easily connect to your laptop for tethered capture via the Leica Image Shuttle 3.0 software and of course speedy data transfer.

The Leica S Typ 007 is available in the UK as of now and is priced at a whopping $19,908 (£12,900) including VAT. Great pictures don’t come cheap.

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