Leon OS Soundbar is as big as it can get

Soundbars are the best accessory for your TV these days. So why not indulge in these latest gadgets in a really ‘big’ way? Leon Speakers is building huge custom soundbars to match TV screens up to 120 inches (making it the biggest soundbar ever). So now, your giant LCD TV will finally look complete with a perfectly sized soundbar. The custom offer allows you to pick any size or speaker configuration you want. You can get one that’s just a center speaker, stereo left, and right channels, or a front LCR array with left, center, and right speakers all contained in one massive bar. Leon OS uses speakers up to 6 inches across, unlike most soundbars with puny little speaker drivers. This massive soundbar will surely satisfy your need for great sound quality in a ‘big’ way.

The price of these custom soundbars starts at $6,500.