Levi’s ultra limited edition Red Tab mobile phone hits the designer cell phone market

Levi’s is a brand with which all of us associate. From an array of products like jeans, shirts, shoes, vests, skirts etc. all or at least most of us have some Levi’s in our closets. But the latest Levi’s to own is the Levi’s ultra limited edition Red Tab mobile phone. And true to its name, this cell phone will catch everyone’s attention to the red tab featured on the top. And if you are interested in knowing its functional features then here it is. It packs a MP3 player, stereo Bluetooth and a two megapixel camera with flash.

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Extras include a ‘premium’ presentation box, a case for the handset, stereo hands free kit, a metal chain and if you like, customization with your name (up to 13 letters). Offered in a limited number of 100 only, it displays a tag of 550 euros ($870) and they are being sold online via cool Parisian retailer Colette.

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