Premium Artcool Stylist Inverter V Air Conditioner with LED lighting worth framing

Stylish and yet versatile, LG’s latest flagship Residential Air Conditioning (RAC) solution, Artcool Stylist Inverter V, is a unique square wall unit featuring subtle LED lighting that goes beyond the traditional air conditioner. Winner of a 2014 iF Design Award, Artcool Stylist Inverter V will alternately replace unattractive white box that otherwise lugs up in the lower half of a lovely window. The successor to the original Artcool Gallery launched in 2001, the ultra-thin Artcool Stylist will hang on your wall like piece of artwork.

Measuring only 121mm deep, Artcool Stylist is 25mm slimmer than its predecessor and hangs unobtrusively on any wall to match any interior design-modern, classic or minimalist. The boldly re-imagined unit features a ring of LED lighting that changes colors to indicate cooling or heating status and can also be adjusted to suit any mood or ambience.

LG’s innovative RAC unit emits a soft stream of air in three different directions at the same time. This 3-way Soft Airflow feature distributes air to the sides as well as the floor, providing a pleasant effect that’s soothing and feels more natural than most air conditioners that blow a direct stream of air. What’s more, LG’s advanced inverter technology allows the Artcool Stylist to operate at an incredibly quiet 19dB while consuming less energy than a conventional, non-inverter air conditioner.

For even greater convenience, the Artcool Stylist comes with an equally attractive remote control that features a 3.4-inch touch screen display in a sleek, rounded design. The advanced controller makes it quick and easy to adjust the settings, including the color and brightness of the LED lighting. The display on the remote also shows useful information such as operating mode, temperature and time.

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