LG And Prada introduce the new LG-LBA-T950

LG managed to impress us all with its The Prada Phone II, aka LG-KF900. This superb business phone has some of the features like a 3G HSDPA wonder with WiFi, 5Mpix AF camera, 3″ 400 x 240-touch screen, and sliding QWERTY keyboard. But LG and Prada don’t seem to be satisfied with just that. They are out to impress again with their all-new PRADA Link, LG-LBA-T950 a Bluetooth watch that is simply hard to resist. The Bluetooth watch communicates relevant data, SMS, call info, email directly to your wrist. Sounds simply amazing, doesn’t it?

So say good-bye to pulling out your big LG KF900 every time as now all your important information is available at the turn of your wrist.

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