LG Bar-Fridge is a big hit

The Side-by-Side range from LG has added another feather in its cap. Touted as the “Entertain-o-fridge” by T3, we too are nodding our heads in approval. The lifeline of a party- the wet bar deserves the most sacred spot. To conjuring up a warm atmosphere, friends hanging around the cool box get to mix their drinks in a jiffy. The small door opens to reveal your fine collection and serves as a stand while you fix the drinks. The Home Bar Side-by-Side has the other bar necessity, the ice machine. Now when you have a party, people can access the drinks without opening the fridge a million times. A nifty thing, cause it would save electricity. We’d drink to that!

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For the family oriented people you could stock up on juice and colas in the new LG!