LG HT762TZR 5.1 Audio system screams, “Cheers!”

Planning to set up a bar in your living room? Wondering what would go best as an addition to your bar besides the glittering bottles and glasses? Here’s a solution. Top it up with these brilliant speakers from LG. They’re called the LG HT762TZR speakers and are shaped like champagne glasses and are colored in a manner to resemble a glass filled with red wine. The 5.1 audio system provides some ‘kick-ass’ sound for TV as well. Let’s take a huge swig of wine and look around to see these booming oversized glasses glaring right down at us and wonder, ‘what the hell is wine doing in champagne glasses?’.

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The LG HT762TZR 5.1 Audio system has been launched in Korea. So you know where to head if you want your bar to make a statement.