LG presented Full HD PDP TV ‘60PT1DRA’ with Italian wood frame

As a kid I have fading memories of wooden boxes that were used to keep the TVs then. But in this day and age, the small screen has undergone considerably changes. However the ‘wood effect’ still is around. Take a look at LG’s Full HD PDP TV ‘60PT1DRA’ that can be customized at the time of ordering with an option for wood: walnut or ash. Presented at Korea IT Show 2007, the 60″ wood PDP TV is Full HD capable with a pixel format of 1920 x 1080 and incorporates the third generation Time Machine technology that allows for recording HD video content onto the hard disk while watching another HD channel.

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Not to everyone’s taste, but if you have a room packed with cool Scandinavian wood furnishings, this might just fit the bill at $10,675 (9,900,000 KRW).