LG Shine cell phones studded with diamonds worth $30,000

LG Shine already has enough of sheen to dazzle your senses. But folks at the flagship store of Birks Jewelry felt that it was not enough. So they have encrusted a pair of Shine phones with over $30,000 in diamonds! Believed to be the most expensive phones in Canada, the diamond-encrusted versions of the Shine flip and slider phones are not for sale. Sorry guys but you can still buy a LG Shine and get it festooned with stones of your choice at Goldstriker.com. However the designers at Birks presented the flip model with a charm decorated in diamonds while the slider model glowed with the words “Born To Shine” spelled out in diamonds.

In addition to carrying the Shine phones, the models were also wearing pieces from Birk’s new CITIQUE series which includes earrings, a pendant, bracelet and ring all designed by Jose Hess with diamonds set in 18 carat white gold. As this was the first time these pieces had ever been put on display to the public, the launch was as much for the jewelry as it was the phones. You certainly can get the jewelry from 1st Nov onwards.