LG’s announces the dual screen, HDTV-equipped refrigerator

The LSC 27990TT refrigerator from LG will appease all addicts who must keep an eye on the weather all the time. The dual display keeps you engrossed with all the info and when you hook it to your DVD player, meal times in your kitchen will surely become a movie affair. The main display is a 15-inch 1,024 x 768 number and able to connect to a DVD player while its smaller counterpart takes things down to a wee 4-inches for use with LG’s “weather and info center.” We especially dig the FM radio, recipe bank, calendar, and digital photo album features. It has a “CustomCube” icemaker, which is cool. Though it won’t be out before next year, plenty of retailers are sure to stock it up.

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The LG L27900TT will cost you about $3,600.