LG’s Versace Unique is luxury touch phone with 18K gold and leather

After a successful stint with Prada, team LG has now directed its attention to Versace, for creating a touch phone under the name of Versace Unique. Entering into the cell phone market after big players from the fashion industry like Tag Heuer, D & G, Armani, and Gucci, these luxury phones are more than just fashion accessories. The handsets with unscratchable capacitive touchscreen come equipped with 3G networking, a 5-megapixel flash camera, a media player with Dolby Mobile, surround sound, and 30 hours of playback. That’s for the geeks.

You can get the phone body crafted in ceramic or handmade lacquers, spotting 18carat yellow gold finish or a stainless steel inlay for the beauties. The leather case also sports an embossed Versace Medusa logo.
The Versace Unique will be sold at jewelry stores and Versace boutiques worldwide from early June 2010.

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