Like a Nespresso coffee machine this ingenious gadget whips out personalized face cream for you on-demand

Who’d thought that skin-care can one day be available at the press of a button! However, in making the impossible happen, Romy HyLab Personal Skincare Lab has recently created a unique device that churns out personalized face cream for its users on request. Yes, that’s right!

The machine in question can produce a mix of personalized face cream using up to three of 15 different ‘flavors’ made from active ingredients and plant extracts. Each ‘flavor’ comes in foil-backed capsules that can ultimately be whipped out in moisturizer form within a tiny time frame of one minute and 20 seconds.

The ingenious device further includes a drawer for the cream and the cleaning solution, a reservoir for water, a pull-out tray for the capsules and a spatula for applying the custom curated moisturizer dollops.

Romy HyLab Personal Skincare Lab’s exclusive creation is app-supported and is rather easy to use. Those who wish to get beauty tips can also rely on the My Coach section of the device’s app wherein one can seek skin care recommendations based on criteria such as radiance, anti-wrinkle or firmness.

The machine alone costs £350 ($448), while the cream capsules come at £8.90 ($11) for each sachet of ten plus £19.90 ($26) for the base face cream and £6.90 ($9) for the wash solution. Can skin care get any more elaborate than this? We doubt!


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