Limited edition Fujitsu Urushi lacquer ScanSnap scanner celebrates 50th anniversary of PFU

Fujitsu is currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of its fully owned subsidiary, PFU. Fujitsu has launched a limited edition Urushi lacquer ScanSnap scanner to commemorate this golden anniversary of its subsidiary. Gadget freaks must already be familiar with Fujitsu’s ScanSnap, a smart and compact portable scanner that plugs into the USB port of your computer. An on-the-go scanner, it requires no extensive set-up and no external power. The commemorative limited edition ScanSnap scanner is a high-end version of the two best selling ScanSnap models, the S1500 and S1300. The anniversary special models are embellished with gold highlights and also feature a beautiful eagle painting. The models are decorated using Urushi lacquer, which is applied using the centuries-old method “Wajima lacquerware.”

Sure to become one of the most high-end bespoke USB devices, this limited edition scanner is truly a class apart. Given its $3,200 price, the limited edition Urushi lacquer ScanSnap scanner is all set to become one of the most expensive USB devices as well.

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