Limited Edition Reuge Verona Orchestral Music Box for $70,000

The retro music connoisseurs and collectors will definitely agree with me when I say that there’s nothing more pleasing to the ear and heart than a live orchestral music box playing away to glory. Hence, we bring the Reuge “Verona” music box with an interchangeable orchestral cartel movement with 144 notes, plus separate bells and drum sections. It has a matching base and 8 cylinders with 4 songs each. The box and table are furnished with burr myrtle with inlaid roses, ivy, and ribbons. It is also complete with a personal gift, a personalized iPod Nano loaded with 32 original works that inspired the tunes. The numbered Orchestral Music Boxes for $70,000 is available in a limited edition of only 12 pieces, so hurry and get your very own bundle of joy from exquisiteandrare soon.

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