Linley for Gramofone launches world’s finest pieces of AV furniture

Linley has veneered everything from cars to hunting kits and whiskey cases. Now they are out with a Linley for Gramofone with a complete AV system. The LFG Studio Master Stereo AV System is available in 2 standard finishes – American Walnut or minimalist Arctic White Gloss finishes, customized to the buyer’s needs. The set features an LFG Digital Music Player, LFG Media Console, Wall mounted TV, Mac Mini, iPad, and a pr. LFG 1.80M tall wall flat panel speakers. The Mac mini and iPad work as the control center for the setup.
The LFG Studio Master system will cost you anywhere between £120,000 and £150,000 ($193,000 – $ 241,000) based on additional customization.

You can also purchase the LFG Digital Music Processor by itself. This processor can convert digital content to comply with USB 2.0 devices. The LFG Digital Music Processor will cost you between £28000 and £30,000 ($45,000 – $48,000).

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