Loewe launches new line up of luxury TV’s in Singapore

Raising stakes and taking customizability and user-friendly interface to an entirely new level in Singapore is Loewe, with two new TV series – Reference ID and Individual Slim Frame. Both the TVs sport almost identical features inclusive of the LED-edgelit panels with active 3D technology, 200Hz refresh rate with intelligent backlight control, which produces 400Hz-like motion as well as delivers 100Hz visuals to each eye in 3D mode. Also in-built, is the MediaNet smart TV system, a hard drive-based video-recording function, digital TV tuners and a wide range of mounting options.

However, as compared to the Individual Slim Frame, the Reference ID TV comes equipped with an integrated subwoofer and a powerful 160W amplifier, which ensures better sound quality. That doesn’t mean our Individual Slim Frame version is any less superior. It comes laden with customizations inclusive of over one million permutations. Available in 40-, 46-, and 55-inch models, you could be owner to these high-end TV-viewing experiences for $11,160 to $17,170 for the Reference ID TV and $4,550 to $7,130 for the Individual Slim Frame.

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Also gold-plated and wooden frames are slated to hit the shelves in the first quarter of 2014,


[Via – Cnet]