Logitech ups the ante for gamers with its MX range

When it comes to PC gaming, only the best tech can provide the most comfortable and immersive experience. The computer and chair may be important, but it’s the mouse that directs all the action. If that part of the whole is glitchy or awkward to handle, it can ruin a lot more than your mood. Fortunately, Logitech is always there to save the day. One of its latest designs, the MX Vertical, tackles the persistent issue of wrist pain, caused by the arm-muscles tensing over a typical mouse that’s not designed for a natural posture. Several more exciting features make this gadget a trendsetter among mice, whether for gaming or general use.

Once you get past the strange design, described by TechRadar as resembling a “chocolate chip from the front”, it becomes clear what ergonomic is supposed to feel like. The curved shape fits in the palm comfortably, while the vertical placement of the buttons keeps your wrist straight and relaxed. A fair amount of gripping is required to compensate for the lack of a solid table against any enthusiastic clicking. Avoiding the strain normally experienced, however, is a major plus for those working on the computer or gaming on a regular basis.

Zoning in on the specifics, six buttons, including one for DPI switching, make for dynamic maneuvering of any digital task. It ranges between 400 and 4,000DPI, guaranteeing the right setting for every need. The MX Vertical is intended as a wireless mouse via Bluetooth but seamlessly jumps to USB connectivity if preferred. The cable is included in the package, as is a built-in battery that will last you four months before recharging through its USB-C port.

The first key downside revolves around its price, still lingering around the $80-90 mark. If your interest is purely professional and stems from a mindfulness of carpal tunnel syndrome, then Logitech’s device is more than worth the expense. On the other hand, intense or professional gamers are advised to not rely on this mouse. Despite its high quality in terms of performance and comfort, it lacks the grounded and unblemished responsiveness vital to fast-paced multiplayer situations.

This only excludes a portion of gamers, however. Call of Duty may not be a good match for the MX Vertical, but less active PC games shouldn’t be a problem. Anyone who likes to make the most of a casino bonus, for example, can essentially explore online casinos at their will: 150 free spins at Playamo won’t make an impact on your wrist any more than working long hours on business projects will. Essentially, if Super Mario or slots like Starburst are the extent of your video gaming alongside everyday or professional PC use, this mouse won’t disappoint.

The final verdict is that the MX Vertical mouse’s ergonomic design is better suited for mild gamers and general PC users. Nevertheless, Logitech has exceeded itself once more, if only by presenting the world with new possibilities. As further refinement and correction of noted issues comes along, vertical mice could ultimately become the norm in the future’s IT market.

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