Lominichay Speakers can cost up to $75,000

Moving over from pens to speakers will undoubtedly call for raised eyebrows. And that’s exactly what Loiminchay, a company best known for their fine pen, has done. Christened after famed artists, three models are being shown at CES 2008. The “Degas” model atop its cylindrical stand is one of three speakers named after master painters, made from heavily lacquered birchwood and “promises excellent bass down to 35Hz in moderate- to large-sized listening rooms of about 50 to 500 square feet. It comes with a 6.5-inch ceramic midrange driver and a sparkling 1” diamond tweeter. The Degas with Diamond Tweeter is $30,000 in clear and $32,500 in piano lacquer finish. Wonder how much their pens retail for! Anyways roll over to know more about the other two……..

The Chagall has a bass cabinet built up of MultiPly Laminate, with an 8-inch woofer in a 1-inch thick concrete board wrapped with leather for a non-resonant driver platform. They weight around 150 lbs and the Chagall equipped with the Diamond Tweeter is $48,500 in clear and $53,500 in piano lacquer finish. The most lavish and compellingly designed speakers are the Kandinsky, which handle frequencies above 750Hz up to 27kHz with a curved 19-inch wooden horn driven by a custom 2-inch beryllium high-compression driver. The Kandinsky starts at $45,000 a pair and the Chagall custom-finished in solid cherry runs $75,000.
Shaped out of solid layers of Birch MultiPly, the speakers bored out and finished inside are then drenched with sixteen coats of lacquer. The Loiminchay speakers are designed in New York by Loiminchay’s owner Patrick Chu and crafted in China.