London-based cycle apparel maker Rapha ties up with B&O for special edition BeoPlay H6 headphones

Bang & Olufsen has been partnering with a number of big brands to help further the sales of their products for quite some time now and the latest to jump on that bandwagon is Rapha, the London-based cycling accessories and apparel maker. The Rapha BeoPlay H6 headphones are the next in line after the various other special edition B&O BeoPlay H6 headphones that have been launched this year like the green edition and the other color variants

It seems a little strange that a company that specialises in cycling accessories would be interested in tying up with an AV brand, seeing as they really don’t have too much in common. However, that being said, both brands are noted for what they do best and perhaps this collaboration is just as relevant as Ferrari joining forces with Veuve Clicquot to create a limited edition Champagne! Neither of these seem at all practical and are kind of unsafe when put together, but the collaborative branding seems to work for these companies and the uses of the accessories would of course be completely segregated; it just a matter of one brand merely being supportive of the other.

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rapha BeoPlay H6 headphones-2
The Rapha B&O BeoPlay H6 combines the company’s high-end portable audio solutions incorporated into the headphones, with the suave styling and materials used by accessories maker. Corresponding to the Rapha GT Gloves, the special edition BeoPlay H6 series headphones will deviate from the use of traditional lambskin leather in lieu of African Hair Sheep leather that is used in the cycling accessory. The material is sweat resistant and breathable. The Headband strap will also use materials form Rapha’s line of Pro Team products. The cord features an inline remote/microphone that lets you control audio without reaching for the device the H6 is connected to. Signature Rapha pink is the color used for the cord. Anodised aluminium is still a major part if the essential make up of the headphones and is what keeps it lightweight and still quite robust.

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James Fairbank, the Head of Brand at Rapha, had this to say about the coming together of the two brand – “Music is a catalyst for focused performance and we are delighted to pair our mission to develop the best performing products for road cycling with a company that so truly believes in the love of form and expression,”.

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The Rapha + Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 is available from Rapha for $429.

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