Lucidium FX5 Series by NuVision: An exquisite line of high-end LCD TV’s

NuVision has launched an amazing line of all-new Lucidium FX5 Series that is sure to appeal to all. The new line has been designed, keeping in mind the dealers and installers and boasts of Film Times Five (FX5) and Frame Forward Motion (FFM) technologies to create a true 120Hz picture. The FX5 Series also features the company’s proprietary RS232 Nucontrol technology, and the displays are compatible with third-party remote controls and easy to install. The FX5 technology eliminates the need for the 3:2 pull down algorithm found in 60Hz displays by recreating each frame five times, thus utilizing the panels’ 120Hz and high refresh rate. On the other hand, the FFM technology plays an important role in creating clear, flicker-free fast sports and motion sequences by comparing two consecutive frames and generating additional interpolated frames. The FX5 series will be available in a variety of sizes from 42” to 65”. Promising crystal clear clarity and unbeatable performance, the FX5 Series is all set to take over your homes. This amazing series is sure to offer you a viewing experience like never before.

Besides a powerful performance, the sleek line also comes with a full, two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts and labor. Simply amazing, NuVision has definitely created a winner with its FX5 series. The 65-inch model is expected to ship this month for a retail price of $12,000.
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