Luxe and Lounge wine cellars from Ellemme’s Home line

The elegant wine bag designed by Sand & Birch for Ellemme Wineries can accommodate 18 wine bottles to perfection. But if you need to house two dozen bottles then Ellemme Wineries have a few well-designed options. The Luxe model is shaped out of stainless steel along with maple, oak and solid wood strips. Ideally sized to sit on your bar table this one retails for 2,717 Euro ($4,000). While the Lounge wine cellar juts out of a slanting wooden support. This one too has room for twenty four bottles. Though both are fitted with LED lighting, the Lounge boasts of adjustable temperature option too. However for 2,660 Euros ($3,900) it is slightly reasonable compared to the Luxe model. Sized at L 79 x H 117 x W 52 cm, the Lounge will also need more room in your bar corner.
Thanks Devis

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