Luxurious home theater with a bar counter to raise a toast

Luxury lovers would much rather opt for a lavish home theater in their very homes rather than go to the movie halls. And they would definitely leave no stones unturned to create the magic of the movie halls in their very home (of course with an added touch of luxury). One such luxury-loving family got more than it dreamed of when it commissioned electronics installation company Media Design Associates (MDA) to design their very own home theater. MDA collaborated with Jay Miller of theater design firm Acoustic Innovations and interior designer Stacey Slintak of Decorators Unlimited to transform the family’s unused bonus room into a luxurious entertainment hangout. Keeping in mind the families’ high standards and requirements, the company decided to raise the bar. And raise the bar it did by providing a bar counter with stools that serve as the third row of seating, plus a full-service wet bar to the side of the main theater room.

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Family and guests can view their favorite movies on the Stewart Filmscreen fixed display that measures 110 diagonal inches with a high-definition broadcast aspect ratio of 16:9 for all DirecTV sports action. MDA has also installed Crestron’s DVPHD dual-window high-definition digital that will allow the family to enjoy several games at once. The powerful and clear sound is courtesy of a 7.1-channel JBL Synthesis audio system. Furthermore, Iso Floor, plywood, carpet, and padding was used to attenuate more than half of the acoustic energy. SoundCor barrier material was used to reduce sound transmission and stiffen the walls for better bass.
Finishing touches are given by draperies, fabric-covered acoustical panels, bass traps, and a stunning equipment rack. Simply amazing, I bet the family has no complaints about their luxurious entertainment room.

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