Luxurite Wireless 17″ Waterproof TV for hassle free entertainment in bath

I need not tell you all the pros of a relaxing bath, spa-tub, sauna, or a cool pool dip. We all are aware that how soothing it is for our nerves. But I definitely like to bring to your notice this Luxurite Wireless 17″ Waterproof TV that will add an oomph factor to your idea of relaxation. All you need to do is settle on an ideal position for it to hang in your bathroom. Then connect all your Audio & Video devices to the wireless transmitter that comes with the TV and voila you are ready for entertainment in the most private room of your den. Bid goodbye to all the dangling wires. It is HD ready, features built-in speakers, a stylish induction touch control panel, and waterproof remote control. You can also enjoy the ‘Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all” with a Mirror Screen option (when switched off)!

The Luxurite Wireless Waterproof TV can also be recessed in the wall or mounted on a frame/stand. Priced at £1,450 ($3,000), it’s a fair catch as earlier it was for £2349 ($4,800).