Luxury Body dryer is an exquisite way to dry your body

On a season of festivities, you have more people and also more towels to arrange for. Sometimes you are also compelled to buy extra towels for the “once in a blue-moon” arriving guests, drilling a hole in your pocket for something so irrelevant. The Triton Luxury Body dryer is a good solution for such troubles. The remote control allows you to set the heat and fan-power to your ideal settings (so you don’t need to go to a 7-star suite for a holiday). Apart from saving you the tension of bath-towels, the Body dryer has an in-built heater to heat up the bathroom so you don’t go shivering all day. It also reduces the moisture content in the air, which accumulates during a warm-water bath.

It certainly is more gentle and hygienic than an ordinary towel (especially when your brother uses your towel when you’re not around). The Luxury Body Dryer is retailed at $796.