Luxury iPhone app for London lovers with the iVIP London

Now if you are from the elite ‘richest of the rich’ club of the world, then the iVIP iPhone app is not new for you. The original app costs around $1,000, a new app called the iVIP London is now available for download, priced much more economically at $180. The app provides priority access to luxury services around the beautiful city. If you are a tech-savvy business man, frequent flyer, or even a resident, it enables you to be clued on to the luxury lifestyle scene in London.

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For those who still are wonder what I am talking about, the original press releases describes the app as “provides access to an exclusive network of privileges and benefits across a range of luxury partners including private islands, a concierge, supercar club, private jets, theatres, members’ clubs, butlers, and much more.”