Luxury TV mirror Combo supports ‘Reflective viewing’

I must say that the Faber multimedia mirror was one heck of a gadget released last year, as it comprised of all the high tech gadgetry compressed in one unit. The luxury TV mirror from Fendi Casa Collection doesn’t pack all that jazz, but I can assure you that it definitely comes at a much economical cost compared to its previous counterpart. The unit comprises of the LCD TV LOEWE which acts as a TV once switched on and a gorgeous mirror once switched off. It isn’t one of those revolutionary concepts, yet it blends very well as a design launch for combo home furnishings.

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It comes in sizes up to 42” and has a selection of analogue receiver, digital terrestrial, satellite in HD, USB input, IR repeater, and predisposition for PAY TV. You could also get your hands on other accessories such as wireless headphones, form compositions for home theatre systems, and home automation interface on request.

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