Make the mundane job of ironing clothes fun with the Miele B990 E rotary iron

Ironing is such a chore, especially if you’re thin! I mean, think about all your clothes that would take that much longer to get pressed, and they are so small, it’s a real nightmare. But that can be a thing of the past if you switch to the new Miele rotary iron, B 990 E. the makers claim that it gives you perfect results and that too in 70% of the time usually taken! The new design comes with ergonomic controls and settings, helps you iron any garment blend, table, or bed linen fast
and effortlessly. Moreover, you can also iron delicate laces and heavy types of denim with minimum effort.

The iron features a rotary iron with castor wheels and required 110-volt power. When you are done with the iron you can just fold and put it away in your closet. The iron is priced at $2,000 apiece.