Matières à Chaud radiator made of quantum glass

Parisian 5.5 Designers have unveiled a stunning new radiator made of quantum glass. This unique, $3,640 product is developed for French innovation company Saaz. Called the Matières à Chaud, which literally translates to ‘Hot Matters,’ draw on innovative heat-conducting technology to tamp mega warmth into a single sheet of glass that is just half an inch thick. This happens because of a thin metal coating inside the glass called Quantum Glass, which emits infrared rays by plugging it on. The glass is designed with rods of steel, wood, and marble, which exhibit an artificial landscape attraction to this device. It also comes in bright colors, and although this is not one of the hotter months, it can be stocked for winter, which will arrive in no time, what with a global warning and the days flying so fast and all.


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