Apple’s next generation MacBook Pro is the most expensive of its kind

If an average MacBook Pro sporting not-so-charming insides aren’t your perfect pick, here’s a way to squeeze some juice out of your bank account into a power-packed Apple laptop. Priced at nearly $3750, this muscled-up MacBook Pro is the best money can buy and comes with a retina display. Beneath, the laptop sports a 2.7 GHz Ivy Bridge CPU, costing $250 to upgrade from the usual 2.6 GHz CPU and 16-gigabytes of RAM, $200 more than the 8-gigabyte RAM that is usually packed inside. This upscaled MacBook Pro sports a 768-gigabyte SSD that costs $500 more than the 512-gigabyte SSD making the laptop the epitome of performance.

Now we aren’t sure just how many takers a laptop can have with a $3750 price-tag. However, Apple devotees who prefer rallying under the brand’s banner are bound to consider this one.

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