MBL 101 X-Treme Speaker System: A genius surround sound system for $250,000

Consumers are definitely going to be a confused lot when it comes to buying speakers. With so many amazing speaker systems available in the market its really going to be a tough task to make up ones mind. Here is the latest speaker in town that actually might make your choice easier as it promises to be the best ever. Known as the MBL 101 X-Treme Speaker System it features four omni-directional mirror imaged speaker arrays with a single bass tower and integral amplifier. MBL’s engineers and craftspeople made use of carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, acrylic, and wood to create this classy four-tower speaker system. The end result is definitely breathtaking. Promising only the best performance, this speaker system is one bold creation.

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Priced at a whopping $250,000 and weighing 1.5 tons this is definitely the most expensive and stylish speaker system for your home.