MDF Italia Plasma Panel: Eye Candy on the Wall!

Designed by Bruno Fattorini, the MDF Italia Plasma Panels can make your living room a lot more livable. It can accommodate screens from 37” up to 50” and even larger ones. It often occurs in the households of many folks who can afford a thrilling plasma screen and don’t know where to put them once they get it all ready to be mounted. Or maybe they end up with bigger screens that have no where to go. Oh what a waste! You can get these in anodized aluminum, oak veneer, grey oak veneer, or white, anthracite grey or red lacquer according to your tone. MDF welcomes custom fittings via ideas that can help make the Panel more hospitable for your beloved new screen.

The MDF Italia Plasma Panel doesn’t incorporate a lot of jazzy designs but maintains a simple look with a rich air around it.

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