Medimo fitness machines with finger vein authentication

We all are acquainted with Hitachi’s finger vein authentication technology and have seen it being used in ATMs and cardless payment systems, as well as computers and automobile ignition systems. However it is also being incorporated in a very new way. An IT company called Fukui Computer is fitting gym equipments with the Hitachi finger vein reader. Simply called the medimo machines, the equipment will be able to identify the user with a simple press of the finger. The machine will then automatically adjust the weight resistance and seat position based on the user’s previously set preferences. The machines also hook up to a remote server to retrieve the user’s personal exercise data, which includes previous exercise records and stats, training regimens and calorie consumption data and shows up on a touch-screen display.

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With the new medimo gym machines, users will be able to do their workouts based on the retrieved data, which is updated each time a machine is used. Personal trainers can refer to it while planning the schedule. Twelve new medimo machines were unveiled on February 18, but will be in the market from April 1 for about 1.8 million yen ($17,000) each. The company is expecting to sell 2,000 machines over the next 3 years.

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