Meridian Audio launches the high-end M80 Compact Entertainment System

When one of Britain’s leading specialist manufacturer of high-end audio and video entertainment equipment, Meridian Audio, makes an announcement, the world stops to take notice. Being a part of this world, we too couldn’t give this announcement a miss. The announcement was made to mark the arrival of their latest high-end creation, the M80 Compact Entertainment System. The high-tech hand-assembled entertainment system bowls you over with both its unrivaled performance and exquisite design. The beautifully-sculpted elliptical cabinet is crafted of custom mineral composite, while performance is ensured courtesy of the award-winning Meridian technologies. The M80 comprises a powerful 80-watt 2.1 Digital Signal Processing (DSP) stereo system with a rear-mounted subwoofer, slot-loading CD/DVD drive, and AM/FM/DAB Digital Radio, in addition to multiple analog and digital inputs that combine to deliver a versatile and powerful audio package.

A further luxe touch is provided by the outer case, dressed rather hand-stitched in a choice of leather with colors ranging from Obsidian Black, Chestnut, and Ivory. Every M80 takes four hours of skilled work and over 800 individual components, while the leather takes the craftsmen more than an hour to stitch on every M80. The M80 is truly one high-end creation, boasting of an OLED display and an ergonomically-molded button interface. Complete with an iPod dock, this entertainment system gives you no reason to complain.
The compact audio system will be available for sale from August for an asking price of £1,873 ($2995).

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