Meridian’s new i80 iPod/iPhone dock

Meridian is set intro its new i80 with Universal Dock for iPod. The i80 hooks onto to the F80 music system seamlessly, giving you access to the music library stored on the iPod through the F80 remote control or its front panel buttons. The track info is relayed via the F80’s OLED display so you can view the playlist or song being played. The i80 also charges your iPod while it plays the music. When you connect an i80 dock to the F80 system, intelligent conversion technology actively processes compressed music formats on your iPod or iPhone and reveals more of the original recording.

The i80 compliments the F80 perfectly, both in technology and looks. The dock is available in standard gloss black and can be coordinated with clip-on red or yellow trims so it matches your particular F80 model. The dock will be available by the 14th of this month for £195 or $386.