Microsoft and Samsung SUR40 multitouch table may soon change the way you shop

And if you’ve probably been thinking that the Rolls Royce showroom you just stepped out off couldn’t get any more luxurious, envision this! In the seemingly near future, we expect most luxury brands to pack their showrooms with these smart tables. By Samsung, the SUR40 sports Microsoft’s Surface technology and works as an intelligent table with a 40-inch 1080p multi-touch surface that recognizes fingers, blobs and a host of objects. These intelligent tables can be used to inform and entertain patrons, and are up for pre-order in 23 countries, the United States, Canada, parts of Asia and Europe. We don’t see these tables showing up in smaller businesses for now though, given that the SUR40 costs about $8,400 a pop. As for those high-end boutiques, showrooms, hotels and the like, this could simply be the coffee table of the near future!

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