miiSTOR ICE diamond studded USB drive – a piece of jewelry for geeks

For seriously blinged geeks who earn much more then they can (or are able) spend, here’s one more option for’ em to unload their stocked reserves. The product in question is the diamond-encrusted USB flash drive being offered by miiSTOR. Christened as the ICE, the glittering USB drive is made of Hallmarked platinum and is hand-set with 456 white diamonds. Brilliantly crafted, this tangible and communicative ICE USB drive is available on request only. For how much? Roll over to learn about its glossy price…..

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Although most of us do manage with free promotional drives, for those who want pure unadulterated luxury even at work, this ICE sells for a frosty tag of $29,000 or £15,000.