Milan officially bans selfies sticks, glass bottles and food trucks

The selfie craze has surpassed many boundaries and it certainly needs some serious curbing down. It’s not just us who are thinking on these lines, but we have an entire European city back us up here! Followed by a series of rowdy incidents and uncontrolled tourist actions, the gorgeous city of Milan recently passed an order that bans the use of selfie sticks in its entirety for now.

The town hall’s ban that came into effect on the 14th of July also puts a full stop to the use or carriage of glass bottles and containers as well as the operation of food trucks or any ‘moving trades’ across the city. The curb will cover areas between Piazza XXIV Maggio, Gorizia Avenue, Via Codara, Cantore Square and Gabriele D’Annunzio Avenue, and will stay in practice until August 13, subject to further extensions. As per Carmela Rozza, Milan’s councilor for security, “The purpose of this ordinance is to make it a habit not to bring glass bottles or cans, or selfie sticks in the area”.

Milan is not the only European city that had it with rowdy tourists. Early this year, Rome banned drinking of alcohol at night and Florence made it illegal for tourists to sit around the steps of churches during lunchtime. These bans call for responsible travelling and a reiteration of our duty to protect global heritage. But are we really listening?


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