Million Dollar Laptop details surface

I knew it……how long could the details be undisclosed. After all it is a Million Dollar Notebook! Even if most of us cannot afford to run our fingers on this high-priced gadget, we definitely would love to dig more about it. A few good images and a video was not enough to satiate our hunger. So here’s some info about this notebook from UK-based bespoke luxury goods creator Luvaglio. Unlike the usual pricey gadgets, this laptop is not strewn with diamonds hither and thither. The CEO Rohan Sinclair, Luvaglio, says that “We have used diamonds elsewhere but have given them purpose.” Now, this is what we call modest luxury. The colored diamond piece of jewelry that functions as a power button when placed on the laptop has drawn my attention. Moreover, it also acts as security identification. But I guess you’d need a safe to hold this jeweled art piece!

Although most of the basic structure is going to be decided by the maker itself, an exclusively selected client will have an option for the choice of color and case.

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