Millionaires here are 7 must have things for your bachelor pad

Everyone needs that space they can call their own. For guys, it’s like the equivalent of the Bat Cave, filled with technology and toys; a place where one would go to unwind and get away from all things that can make your question your sanity. In light of that, we’ve put together a few items that no “Man Cave” should be without, especially if you’re a geek! Take a look:-

bang-olufsen-beovision-avantThe Bang & Olufsen UHD BeoVision Avant 85” TV
First things first, no geek’s room can be complete without a state-of-the-art home theatre set up and what better company to go with than B&O. Their all new BeoVision Avant, in its gorgeous 85 inch avatar with 4K resolution (LED) is just perfect for catching every detail of those up scaled or hi-def all out sci-fi action flicks. With 3D support roped in, movies can come alive onscreen with a slightly more immersive touch. Shipping with the TV is the fabled BeoOne remote and the motorized stand that’s teched out enough to keep all geeks very happy indeed.

ultimate-audio-chairUltimate Audio Chair
If you’re going to enjoy watching your movies or playing console games in your own space, you may as well do it in style and comfort. To that effect, we’re prescribing the Ultimate Audiochair that comes with all the bells and whistles you’d need for your personal zone. To start off with, it’s a pretty comfortable recliner that’s fitted with space inside each arm rest – one to hold and cool your beverage of choice, the other a storage space for your tablet, phone, remotes, books, what have you. It’s complete with USB charging ports, cup holder, AM/FM radio, wireless connection to your AV equipment and of course, the piece de resistance, full range speakers with a built in subwoofer!
[Available at Ultimate-Audio-Chair]

emperor-1510The Emperor 1510
Speaking of the ultimate chairs, here’s one that will blow your mind – enter the MWE lab’s Emperor 1510 work station. Don’t let the “work” part fool you, one look at this chair and the chance that you might actual use it for work, will fly out the window. Of course if you’re a game developer then it might just be what you need. From well designed multi-monitor support, to adjustable keyboard settings and Cambridge Audio built in to the handmade Canadian steel frame and setup, the 1510 is a gamer’s dream station.
[Available at MWE-Lab]

han-solo-carbonite-deskHan Solo in Carbonite Work table
The perfect desk for the absolute sci-fi geek is this, the Han Solo frozen in Carbonite replica desk. It doesn’t get any “cooler” (pardon the pun). The replica is designed to look exactly like the movie prop used in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, where our intrepid captain of the Millennium Falcon has been captured, frozen in a block of Carbonite and handed over to that insidious bounty hunter, Boba Fett. From the lighting to the details etched into the carving of Han in his Carbonite prison, this specially customized desk is a must-have for geeks who may or may not want to intimidate the people he’s sitting across from.

Stealth-ArcadeStealth Arcade
Being a geek, there’s a really good chance you’ve been a gamer in some form or another and even though we’re in the age of the Kinect and the PS4, retro gaming still has its thrills; especially if it’s encased in an uber cool set up like the Stealth Arcade table. Designed to accommodate 60 old school classics and featuring a built in audio system the Stealth Arcade tables come with joysticks and buttons giving you that old vintage feel while gaming on the more modern LCD display. Space Invaders anyone?!

hidden-display-case-dividerHidden Display case/Room Divider
If you’re looking for a place to mount your TV and game consoles and don’t really want to compromise on the storage for your action figurines, books or collectables, then the TV Room Divider is just what you need. A simple partition that features a revolving center panel will allow you to display your TV in all its glory and when you’re done, in one very cool swoop, rotate the case to reveal your collection of whatever it is you might collect.

nixie-machine-clockThe Nixie Machine Clock
The last piece on our list is the supremely cool sci-fi clock – The Nixie Machine. Now we’re not suggesting you become a clock watcher in this sanctuary of geekdom, but when you take a look at this one, you’d want it just so you can look at the time and still not care, just because the medium is so very (very) cool. Designed by MB&F this very intricately designed masterpiece of a timekeeper, uses six original Z568M Nixie tubes that were made in East German in the ’60s, to display the time. The three pair of tubes mounted atop the steel and brass spider-like stand feature numbers that are used to denote hours, minutes, and seconds, or day, month, and year. Components used in its make-up include GPS and DCF77 receivers. There are only 12 in existence.

Of course there’s plenty more I’m sure you’d want to have around but these are some of the choices we came up with. Feel free to let us know what you’d like to have in your geek-room by writing in your comments below.