Mini Droplet 3.1 in piano black lacquer finish is sensual

Not as expensive as the kind of players and speakers we have been putting up, but still it has managed to attract the blogosphere’s attention. The Mini Droplet 3.1 is a sleek CD player with an original aesthetic design that should win over the hearts of audiophiles and interior designers alike. It is the latest advanced 24bit over sampling CD-player Opera audio ever developed. Advanced digital and analog design, construction techniques, and components that have been carefully selected combine to provide the highest performance. The player features a unique kidney bean form factor that makes it seems like more of a conversation piece than a piece of audio equipment. It features solid-state output, 24 bit oversampling, signal sampling up to 768 kHz, and a master clock jitter below measurable levels.

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Grab it for a little less than $3000 in classy piano black lacquer. While the other shades of red, black, and cherry wood are a bit cheaper for about $2500.

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